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Network 2010: release 2

10-13-2011, 10:59 PM
Any update for 2011/2012?

PS: We need more active staff on .ie forums or should merge all the forums together.

02-02-2010, 03:34 PM

In contrast to 2008/2009, we have decided to change the methods of work to complete the network upgrades in 2010. We have concentrated all the discussions with all the suppliers on the month of February, we sign everything by the end of February at the latest, then 2 months after when the material is received), we deploy in the field, then it is finished. The network works for 1 year. And we can do something else ... (lol).

The OVH network has capacity of 550Gbps. We will increase to 750Gbps minimum. We hope that the OVH network will have a capacity to Internet of more than 1Tbps to start only in 2011. Not before.

For these upgrades we will increase the traffic capacity between our RBX datacentres - 1/2/3(/4 soon) and London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris to get over 1Tbps (100x10Gbps) in total. We will also simplify the POP to Bruxelles so that the Amsterdam and Frankfurt capacity upgrades are simpler. We will secure London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt also with London/Amsterdam and Paris/Frankfurt line of 100G. Thus in case of cut fiber, 10G wavelengths between Roubaix and the 4 capitals will switch to other 10G links that are just waiting to crash. The routers will see no difference since it is a redundancy level 1 ... we will benefit from all the Infinera technology.

We will strengthen the Madrid and Milan POP to sell traffic locally instead of Paris. And thus increase the quality of the bandwidth. This is already the case with routing changes to Telefonica that we have made yesterday and today. It will be the same for Telecom Italia. We also look to see if we start the Bordeaux POP after or wait for the end of 2010 ...

The discussions move quickly, there is little time and a lot of things to validate and we know what we want. For example, between yesterday evening and this afternoon (!) we completed the upgrade of DTAG 3x10G to 6x10G with +2x10G to Frankfurt and +1x10G to Madrid. Further negotiations are underway and will lead to an increase in capacity of about 200Gbps. We also look to increase capacity and peering over AMSIX DECIX of 80Gbps to 160Gbp but we will first try to negotiate with private peering networks seen on these peering points. We have yet decided if we will deploy the network in Northern Europe between DK, SE and FI.

Why these upgrades? You order the servers and we must ensure quality of service. So invest in the network. We also prepares the network for the cloud that seems already to meet some needs. Then we prepare our network for NRAs unbundling to provide services for the pros SDSL in France. We will start by testing phases here in Roubaix Valley and the area (100km) in June / September, but that's another news, at another time ...

In summary, to work ...

All the best,