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TB and the transit peering ratio

01-27-2010, 02:44 PM

In terms of dedicated servers, you have a quota TB/month.

We looked at the ratio of consumption of transit / peering over 200 customers at random, with both those who do not consume all their monthly TB and those who consume and buy more TB each month.

We had something interesting: all customers who remain within the quota respect the originally expected transit/peering ratio while those exceeding the quota and buy the TB / month unbalance the ratio. Basically, these new customers have come to OVH to enjoy the TB price but do not respect the historic ratio and the equilibrium of the price of the service. They consume far more traffic than our usual customers. And so Ovh sells TB at a loss.

We will balance the cost of TB. On the 1st February, the price will go to €14.90 ex. VAT / TB. It is simple. We hope that the ratio will return to balance towards the end of February.

All the best,