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calcul 3D
01-26-2010, 09:22 PM

This may be due to the success of James Cameron's Avatar, or perhaps
because 3D TV will soon be coming to our living rooms but,
we have more and more requests for computing infrastructures
with 3D images. In any case, we are working on it and there are several projects that are
currently under discussion. So, as OVH doesnt communicate much about the fact that we
are working on some servers in our data centers, we estimate the demand for these
infrastructures. Therefore, we think we will be implementing a
provision for a "supercomputer" to deliver a power Calculator
equivalent to 4000 cores simultaneously with 8TB of RAM and lots of
temporary storage. The goal for us is to rent this below
"weekly" or "monthly" in an environment of choice (Linux / Windows)
connected via VPN to other computing facilities for the transfer of
secure data and to calculate the images which have already been calculated.

That said, we still lack some information on what the needs are for
accurate and relevant technologies to implement this offer
we want a "turnkey" solution... are we part of Autodesk Maya MentalRay,
Isilon, Exanet, Aspera or other technology? If you need this kind
infrastructure, or know of people who seek would like to use them, please
spread the word that Roubaix Valley seeks
Beta testers to develop such services, with
good prices and quantities of core Quazi available in unlimited
time records.Please send a single contact email:

Thank you in advance