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OVH in new countries: USA CA BR RU MA TN ...

01-26-2010, 05:58 PM
In 2009, OVH launched several new subsidiaries. It was a
year of very fast growth and we'll spend a good part of
2010 trying to integrate into the cosmos OVH with all these new teams.
The goal is to integrate into our thoughts (thoughts which we regularly share
with you but and all the subsidiaries) the feedback generated
locally from these new subsidiaries. Then, taking that into account with
the introduction of new services in order to avail of all
our customers with new ideas. This work is going to take
some time because since we are growing very rapidly, we must
take time ... And still, in 2009, having finished in 3 countries: MA, TN
and SN. whilst progressing ...

In the meantime, we want to stay active with regards to our
level of expansion of OVH abroad. It is expected towards the end of 2010
early 2011, the restarting of the creation of new subsidiaries. The purpose
is to pave the way for new waves of creation from the
subsidiaries in Europe (in countries where we do not
have a point of presence) but also at RU,USA and BR.

We are going to change our internal procedures to allow us to manually "trust"
some customers in these countries (judging on a case by case basis) to
prepare these markets we are targeting for attack in less than 1 year.
Attack, so cool, it is not violent ... then we will build
the data centers closer to the customers there, but that's another part
of the problem ... We'll will be presenting a solution in the OVH Mag ...

We believe that in 2 weeks, we will able to offer a "trusted" service
accepted manually to all customers who can not order
from OVH right now. Once a client is "trusted" they may
order the same way as any client. It will take the
same time attaching these clients from our affiliates who know
best how to manage these customers. For example, IE / UK to USA / CA, for RU
LT, PT or ES for BR to AR.