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01-24-2010, 09:58 PM
This is what was proded this week ...

RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro
Network Patch update for routers (vss-1 / 2 rbx-1 / 2 th1/th2/gsw-1/gsw-2)
R&D Cloud betatest preparation: create 100 test servers
Bugfix RPS diploid AutoProtect on RPS filerz
R&D Cloud create debian golden client for customising vm + ip
Patch Vrack new version of the order for Virtual Bay
New SD support RIPE blocks in the Monitoring Service

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
Patch area for transfer contact when transferring a domain for .tel
Bugfix Email Test oco detecter for Mailout if it is out of memory
Patch Domain .Cn manual transfer

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
New ST2030 Updating firmware via manager
Patch SIP sending portability email for confirmation
New SMS Buy SMS in the manager

Patch MoM reinstallation (basic version)
Patch MoM RPS Migration

MC-GS (aka Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions the Emotional Cycle)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
Patch http://www.ovh.com/fr/produits/offres_telecom.xml
Patch http://www.ovh.com/fr/produits/telep...p.xml?step=tel
Patch http://www.ovh.com/fr/produits/telep...t.xml?step=tel
Patch http://www.ovh.com/fr/produits/telep...p.xml?step=tel
Patch http://www.ovh.com/fr/produits/telep...0.xml?step=tel
Patch http://www.ovh.com/fr/produits/telep...0.xml?step=tel

Patch SDEV filer
New Oles' options for oredering
Patch limit windows order
Patch design of order display
Patch workaround for the stats from support in CZ
Patch for adding management interface for retrofitting

... what are Prod's plans for next week:


RPS / SD / VM / Vrack / Housing / Network / Cloud / Distro / Manager
-------------------------------------------------- --
DISTRO BUGFIX check with microsoft to fix the bug on road w2008r2
DISTRO R & D SQL script for Server 2008 Express installation
DISTRO R & D cal installation script
DISTRO BUGFIX recompile qemu for vkvm w2008r2 and test on it
SD R & D professional option for HG 2010 <=> in review
Ebackup R & D test the ebackup image on prepared hosts
Vrack BUGFIX clean routers / switch configuration during recyling
NEW Vrack routing of a block of RIPE in a virtual bay
Vrack PATCH continue the changeover of the VLAN switches
Vrack R & D verify we can graph the MRTG of a VLAN
CLOUD R & D reinstall all hosts with SSD drives only
CLOUD R & D add on gtr + hosts get info from vm
NETWORK PATCH be ready for a 10G switch for interco between routers
NETWORK R & D Launch the IP beta web-bunker
NETWORK NEW develop tools to block servers that spam
NETWORK PATCH change the way to filter which IP ext to scan for(too many scans)
PATCH MANAGER improved application in the RIPE manager
PATCH MANAGER management alerts RTM backdoor in the manager
PATCH MANAGER removal of the license manager in DirectAdmin
MANAGER R&D UDP (DNS) support in monitoring service

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
NEW DOMAIN IDN .Lu (sunrise) + opening of registration for
non domiciled people in Luxembourg
NEW DOMAIN Production start redemption .Pl
NEW DOMAIN IDN Chinese characters .ORG
NEW DOMAIN put into prod .Sn
PATCH EMAILS finish the migration POP3/IMAP4/SMTP relay + SSL
PATCH EMAILS Adding a mail-out additional cluster002/90plan
EMAIL PATCH reinstall redhat mail-out to debian
HOSTING R & D see how we can mutualise 1000 ruby customers
HOSTING PATCH: Upgrade patch for SSD cluster014 (start) - part2
HOSTING PATCH Added mutubackup
HOSTING PATCH Update Modules wordpress, drupal and spip

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
NEW SIP Provisioning as Cisco WLAN
PATCH Billing the SMS text messages
FAX New R & D infra FAX
GENERAL R & D Clearing lines / groups
GENERAL PATCH portability processing delay

SOAP PATCH functions for MoM
MOM PATCH (MUTU) Geo-location shared hosting
MOM BUGFIX (MUTU) (+ patch boot / Reset area and adding a field
to take into account the new shared hosting)
MOM PATCH (MUTU) Monitoring of automated emails
MOM PATCH (PRIVATE SQL) Backup / Restore / Import
MOM PATCH (PRIVATE SQL) Managing alerts
Ouma PATCH launch a new beta with the spamming

New beta test RFID
PATCH remove an old and last netapp
BUGFIX rapid renew
BUGFIX checkup billing blocks
NEW MANDATE hall monitor payment
PATCH detection port + mrtg HG 2010
PATCH automatic delivery of KS 1 Gbps
R & D SQL (solaris?) + 2nd web server for forum.ovh .*

Things advance slowly.