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miniCloud beta H-48

01-19-2010, 03:36 PM

We have just had our record accepted at RIPE for a /15 ( for 131,000 IP's The router time in BGP for this /15 is corrected and prepared in the pages in the Manager and we will start beta testing on Thursday afternoon.

Beta testing will be totally free.

Reserved for our customers.

What do we want to test ?
We want to have your "Pragmatic" feedback of the functioning of VM with certain resources over 1 week. That is, for 1 week, you will have access to a VM with Debian 1/4 core, 256MB RAM and 5GB of disk space. After 1 week the test will be completed and the VM is cleared. Other people can start testing the 2nd week.

We are searching for 500 beta testers for each week.

If there are more than 500 beta testers in the 1st week, testers who did not test the VM during the 1st week will be next to be delivered the VM and will be able to test the VM in the 2nd week. Then the 3rd week and so on.. the time it takes for everyone to get an idea of the "miniCloud".

The order process is very simple: you'll be able to by-pass 1 order for 1 VM. Order free. The VM will be delivered (in 15 minutes) then you will be able to test it for 1 week in all ways (port 25 is blocked by default, scans are automatically detected and the VM is closed). After 1 week, the test is completed and the VM is cleared. And you can order a new VM for 1 new test for 1 week again

Next, we will begin offering the "miniCloud" and we will launch the beta of "coreCloud" with the same principle. Then the same for "myCloud"

All the best,