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The Cloud
01-17-2010, 10:26 PM
We hope to launch the "Cloud" offers this week and begin beta testing with all of you in the crowd. We were thinking about launching it all last week but the new IP allocations needed to launch our "Cloud" services takes more time than expected. RIPE does its job and therefore we must justify the use of our IP's and prove that we need the IPs that we ask for in the future ... we think the record will be validated within a week 1 / 15 (1 / 16 is already done).

At the same time, we will change the price of the RIPE IP assignments at server level . The goal is to synchronise with the current state of affairs it is going to get worse in the coming years ... IPs will become a rare resource and therefore the price will increase. Until IPv6 take the relay and it has not yet won it...

This is also why we offer "Cloud" in IPv6 (without IPv4) which are ... Free.

Returning to the OVH Cloud:
At our offers "Cloud" we will offer 2 core offerings:

- "MiniCloud" and "coreCloud" of VM / VPS with all distributions that Ovh currently propose (but in VM) 1-click ordering and delivery in 15 minutes.
The VM running on our "cloud" ensures a price from VM of €1.99 ex VAT / month ...

- "MyCloud" might be called a "privateCloud" where you create your own "cloud" then are able to run as many VM's as you want on your cloud ...within the limits of your cloud ... You must manage your own "Cloud".

2 offers turn in the virtual racks (which are just starting) and we will offer you these services without really any limititations in terms of resources.
We're thinking of proposing VM that will run in up to 48 cores. But also offer load balancing and firewall for your miniCloud / coreCloud and VPN with your "myCloud.
Basically anything that works with virtual racks (now and soon will).

The great advantage of the "Cloud" offer is that you can start from €1.99/ month and if need be, modulate the resources you need in real-time and pay by the hour, day, month and year.
We found and used the same principle when we launched the "Gameplan" in ... 2003 where you could rent a server for a few hours.

With the "Cloud" you are given more power to adjust the CPU power and / or RAM and / or disk space and / or the number of VM in
your cluster, to see and switch to pay as you go, meaning that you pay what you actually use (with the possibility of setting limits of course).
Thus, you pay almost nothing at night and during the day you can set the limit you want to pay. Your bill is straightforward ...

3 reasons for joining our "Cloud":
- the longer the terms of your lease, the less you pay
- the more resources you have, the more your bill will be
- The price of most resources is not linear, but exponential

Why Ovh embarks on the "Cloud"?
We especially believe in the "miniCloud / coreCore" being cheap ie.: up to €2-€20 ex VAT/ month. We'll soon see if you really need the VM with 48 cores or it is better to stop at 4. We especially believe in the "myCloud" which is a private Cloud offer that is simple to use, to develop and evolve. We have seen how virtualisation offers that Ovh launched in 2009 met with real success (especially with the virtual MAC and ESXi). But for dedicated servers, virtualisation remains a matter for the WEB professional. With "myCloud" you'll be able to manage the turnkey "myCloud" infrastructure that are really accessible in terms of prices ... with all the VPN security that you may need to connect your "Cloud" to any other infrastructures.

Indeed, we have chosen to use ESXi which is both a technology reference and technique in many companies. It also tests the Cisco Nexus 1000 whixh is a virtual switch but also the FCoE storage of the HG 2010-10G ... You have now the answer to the original question: Why "Cloud" then when Ovh already offers all the bricks necessary for the Cloud?

That is not enough for you to be able to them easily, quickly and simply. Yet simply to assemble a Virtual Rack with servers and virtualisation distribution and configure together. But reading your comments, we realised that it is less simple than expected ... we try to simplify your ownership of these technologies and as we already control the "product",we can propose a "solution". Basically, it does not cost us alot in development time to offer these deals that are more fashionable ... and in marketing, the word
"Cloud" has certain power

All the best