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01-17-2010, 06:36 PM

To be prodded this week and ...

-New: Distro: Proxmox 1.4
-New: Distro: LVM in rescue
-New: Distro: plesk 9.3.0 on windows 2008 R1 32 bits / R2 64 bits
-New: VM: move vmac from a server to another one
-R&D: RPS: prod new pxe for windows compatibility
-R&D: Backup: test linux zone on solaris host
-Patch: Network: change the conf of the switch on all the network to mac level and proxy-arp ip
-New: Cloud: Production and installation of servers for the beta

Domain/SSL/Email/Shared Hosting
-New: Email: new ns0, installation and configuration of ports
-New: Domain: develop ASIA OT&E
-New: Shared: new filerz for maillog
-Patch: Shared: new filerz for Shared Hosting
-Patch: Shared: patch / added SSD / application quota on cluster006, cluster007.ovh.net
-Patch: Shared: joomla 1.5.15 module
-Patch: Shared: dotclear 2.1.6 module
-Patch: Shared: SSD on osl 21 25 45

-New: Fax: develop fax + alerts cluster (1st part)
-New: SIP: Closed Manager lines / number
-New: SIP: Usage received/sent for hunting

-Patch: SoAPI: 1.9.0
-Patch: MoM: 4.0a29

.... due to be prodded next week:

SD PATCH change price RIPE IP (following the commencement of the IP shortage)
SD PATCH HG 2010 professional option
SD PATCH improvement of the application form in the RIPE manager
SD PATCH Manage RTM backdoor alerts in the manager
SD PATCH continue the changeover of asa on the VLAN switches
VRACK PATCH new version to order the Virtual Rack (after price change)
VRACK BUGFIX clean routers/switch configuration during recyling
VRACK NEW routing of a RIPE block in a virtual rack
VRACK R&D graph of MRTG of a VLAN
NETWORK R&D Start the web-bunker IP beta
CLOUD R&D Start the IPv4 and IPv6 beta

Domain/SSL/Email/Shared Hosting
DOMAIN New Add .se
EMAILS New display the number of emails (php / cgi) sent per day over the last 7 days in the manager
HOSTING Patch upgrade SSD cluster014 (start)
HOSTING R&D Reflect on the failover procedure on mutubackup filerz to rbx in case of crash

SIP R&D Deletion of lines / groups
FAX R&D New infra FAX
GENERAL Patch Portability sending email for confirmation
GENERAL New develop firmware st203 via manager
GENERAL Patch Middle order / account

MOM PATCH re-installation (basic version)
MOM PATCH RPS migration
OUMA R&D add emails databases

All the best,