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01-11-2010, 09:20 PM

For the past 2 weeks, we have been waiting for many bugfixs
hence why it has been 2 weeks since the last prod ...

RPS / SD / VM / INFRA / Housing / Network
-New: Sending SMS from service monitoring

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
-Patch: Applying new quotas on cluster005, cluster015, cluster013
-Patch: Replacing servers chassis BDB prod
-Patch: qmail convert of databases / mysql
-Patch: Autoprotect on filerz
-Patch: Derack filers former home
-Patch: block transfers out of the domains under a legal dispute
-Patch: Error on monitoring for "max retry", alert and auto recovery
-Patch: auth key management for .Fi
-BugFix: Redo log rotation on all servers
-BugFix: check_file then re-prod
-BugFix: Monitoring of SQL
-Bugfix: Creating .Fr domain error "object exists"

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
-New: Calls received in the manager
-New: validation manager client portability
-R & D: Test Firmware 1.62. ST2030
-Patch: Answering machine without recording messages
-BugFix: Bug optimisation billing - closures

-New: SOAP: finish the dedicated functions
-New: check subsidiary for valid page
-New: having todo with negative
-Patch: Forum PL: move onto the main server
BugFixroblem-card received for the telephony
-Bugfix: fix delayed credit card payment for telephony

Cloud Computing
-R & D: the end of testing "Cloud" and commencement of preparation for the launch
-R & D: the idea of the concept "ovh.biz" validated

MC-GS (aka Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions the Emotional Cycle)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
-New: Preparation and launch of "Culture Geek"

.... what we expect to Prod this week:

- Patronage of the computers for classrooms
- MoM: new releases
RTM backdoor alert
ML subscribe
RPS Migration
- Defining the new interface for the guides

RPS / SD / VM / INFRA / Housing / Network
- Debug win 2008r2 on vkvm
- Try to merge memory pages on a patched kernel
- Plesk 9.3.0 on windows 2008 R1 32-bit / 64 bit R2
- Kernel v2.6.32 testing with r8168 driver
- Distro: Proxmox 1.4
- Distro: Parallels SMB
- License: Parallels SMB
- Installation on windows iscsi device
- New pxe prod for windows compatibility
- Launch the beta of attacks management offer
- Internal: auto delivering of ks with 1Gbps
- RTM: rtm2abuse rebirth with update manager
- Altigo: Test and sync
- Virtual mac: move VMAC from a server to another one
- ESXi driver debugging
- ESXi VM generator
- Test linux box on solaris host
- Order: virtual rack
- Infra: clean routers / switch configuration during recyling
- Update the routers
2 = vss-1
3 = rbx-1
4 = rbx-2

Domain / SSL / Email / Shared
- put .Se into prod
- New guidelines for domains
- Watch php manager by Bertrand for use with the "solution" offer (Simplified manager)
- Cleaning of references .Com Sector
- Setting up ASIA OT&E
- Put .SN into prod
- IDN Chinese characters .ORG
- IDN .Lu (sunrise) + opening of registration for persons not currently living in Luxembourg
- Finish setting up crontab
- Beta deferral typosquatting / cybersquatting
- Text for the party SSL ovh.com
- Initiate the SSL Standard
- New smtp/pop3/imap/webmail, installation and configuration of ports
- Launching of new servers into production
- Ability to display the number of emails(php/cgi) sent per day over the last 7 days in the manager
- Filerz for new mail
- Display system emails waiting on the mailsout in infos_mutu
- Added mail php/cgi sent per day in info_mutu
- New filerz for maillog
- Testing fitness of emails on shared services
- Changing the page infos_mutu
- First "Module" solution of zenphoto (module + hosting + domain controllable all at once from the site)
- Testing of asp interface is
- Begin INTEGRATION Ruby and Java for shared
- Test the new MySQL server on Solaris/ZFS PROD
- Patch/addition SSD/application quota cluster006, cluster007
- Update the default page for hosting

Telephony / Line SIP/FAX/Tel2Pay/SMS
- Announce H263/H264 + pages for Video server
- Integrate mobile video in/out
- Run the "telepresence" tests on the SIP
- Clustering + fax alerts
- Infra Cirpack of 'lab' test
- Set up CTI sheets
- Completion of SMS/FAX categories
- Deletion of rows/groups
- Closing of lines/number Manager
- Rental of phones

Cloud Computing
- Finish the final idea
- Continue the Ruby tests
- Continue the Java tests

MC-GS (aka Marketing-Commercial/Global-Solutions the Emotional Cycle)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
- Setting up of the first emotional pages
- Validate the first OVH Mag and start printing and sending

We are advancing slowly but surely.