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2010 Support ...

12-30-2009, 05:00 PM

As previously announced, our support is now moving to the "Support 2010" version, ie.: it will ensure higher support availability, in many languages with a greater service.

Ovh offers 3 types of support->

- Name:
- Questions on the choice of service,
- Advice

- Technical:
- Questions about the use of purchased services
- Customer training on the use of the service

- Incident:
- Service Interruptions
- Failure
- Bug

At the level of commercial support, we will develop a GS (Global Solutions) service that assists with complex projects across services such as virtual bays, clusters, firewalls, VPN and storage.

Technical support will change during the month of January with a 24/7 "managed" service (fee required). If you do not wish (anymore)
to manage your server and infrastructure, Ovh can take on everything and manage everything for you 24/7. In this case, you will lose root access to the server(s) and the SLA is set together.

The service of reporting and managing incidents has expanded with new language options (beta here). The aim of the service is to create incident tickets and then to push for a resolution to the problem internally between different departments such as the data center, developpers, admin and the various product teams.

Here are the phone numbers to create and track incident tickets:
FR: 00 33 974531323
DE: 00 49 6813720422
PL: 00 48 717182370
IT: 00 39 0247921106
ES: 00 34 902906033
UK: 00 44 02033842356
This incident ticket system is the same as the current Web system.

All the best