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New Subsidiary: FI

12-18-2009, 04:26 PM

We are pleased to announce the start of a new subsidiary: Finland (FI).

More information:

With our FI subsidiary, OVH ended the year with the creation of 6 new branches in 2009 alone ... An excellent job showing our internal reproductive capacity We got to 247 people in late November (just OVH) ...

We expect 2 new branches in early 2010: MA and BR and the start of 3 trading subsidiaries TN, SN and SK. At this level, there will be a contract amendment allowing us to share information about our customers in all our branches (there are subsidiaries outside the EU) and ensure the best possible support in 12 languages and any time slots in the week and weekend.

Apart from these changes, until September 2010, we are doing nothing else. We will be integrating the new subsidiaries in the OVH cosmos so that customers of these subsidiaries may have more important points in the feedback system and can guide the evolution of OVH in the coming years. There are good ideas across Europe and OVH knows how to listen, develop services and to benefit from ideas of all customers of the "OVH group". That's how the idea of "virtual bay" was born in the UK subsidiary ...

Late 2010, we expect to resume reproduction internally with subsidiaries CH, DK, SE, maybe also RO. Then comes 2011 and OVH may be ready to go to the UK and USA market. Much hard work ...

In the meantime, Welcome to our FI subsidiary and its customers who already have very active in one day of operation on the site

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All the best,