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70,000 Servers

12-17-2009, 10:46 PM

A few days ago, OVH exceeded 70,000 servers in our data centers. To be precise, at 23:30, there are 72,739 motherboards connected to the switches in our network ...

This is just a number.

By officially becoming the No. 1 for server in Europe, we can communicate a number of innovations that we have introduced in recent years. This in order to un-complicate the profession. There are many lies that are told by m2 vendors and this is in order to charge its customers more. But the truth is out there ... To get and maintain quality in OVH, we took completely opposite way: the simplification. It is more than simple, it works better. Hence the creation of OVH Mag where we want to show you how we have simplified this and what conclusions we have reached after 10 years in this profession. Because the benefit of being the simplest is that it is cheap ...

All the best,