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MoM version 27

12-16-2009, 10:06 PM

We quietly approached the first "stable" version i.e. with all the features. If you see things missing or things that work poorly, your feedback is welcome Yes it still lacks things but if you tell us what "you" lack (first) we will change the order of dev .

Feel free to give us feedback on the functioning of this small MoM and the features that you want.

- MoM Windows : ftp://ftp.ovh.net/MoM/MoM.exe
- MoM Mac OSX : ftp://ftp.ovh.net/MoM/MoM.dmg
- MoM Linux : ftp://ftp.ovh.net/MoM/MoM.tar.gz

All the best,

- Duplication of remote database
- Restarting the MySQL for Private SQL
- Change the MySQL version for Private SQL
- Creation of databases on Private SQL
- Add / list / delete privileges to the Private SQL
- Add / list / change passwords and delete users for Private SQL
- Listing of interventions on dedicated servers
- Alert management by monitoring for the dedicated email
- Backing up databases for shared hosting
- Cancellation / restart operations on domain names