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deposit a domain name ... otherwise ...

11-27-2009, 06:06 PM
We do not do copies, but when the ideas are good ...


You enter a domain name that you wish to deposit.
As soon as it exceeds 3 letters, it tells you in real time
How many domain names have the name you
entered and if the domain is available.

For example, the word "car" is used in 4 names
domains. biz, 27 in. com, 11. fr, etc..

So you can estimate the popularity of a word you
will use a domain name. If you want
file a domain name "unique", "rare", with this tool
you will know in real time.

This tool is in alpha. Information on the availability
is not yet perfect. And some queries take
more than 50ms to display. Similarly, expressions
compounds will be available shortly "Holiday Lyon" and
splash ... it comes

We await your feedback ... thank you in advance