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Virtualisation: we pass to the second round...
11-27-2009, 05:58 PM
This post is very technical, see barbarous. If you do not have beards and / or
it never happens that you burst out laughing when setting your screen right in
the pixels, do not read.

After the IP failover, IP load balancing, move to the failover mac ...

For several months (years? Say so ...!), OVH proposes distributions
of Virtualisations ready to use on dedicated servers. 1 click baby!
Examples include the distribution Proxmox the vmware, xen and the Virtuozzo.
Learn more

The method of routing IP / MAC Virtual Machines (VM) is carried out
routing level (Level 3 IP layers). That is, the router
and switch to our network, does not know the MAC of your VM. On road
packets to the VM to the MAC server.

This can cause some configuration problems, since it is the
server that must accept packets of the VM and reroute to the VM.
We often use "iptables" for our needs. Port by port. It's heavy.

Now OVH offers more routing of IP / MAC level 2 is
to say that instead of "route" packets for the VM are "switched".
The dedicated server that receives the packets should no longer be routing but Switch
packets without modifying them. Communication between the router and the
VM Directly.

And that changes everything!

You can declare the MAC of your VM on our network without breaking
the protection of your server port. Ovh says, now on your MAC
our infrastructure and allows you to switch the Mac safely.

In the manager, a new button just appeared "Virtual Mac for VPS".
It provides a unique MAC by OVH assigned to a VM on an IP
Fail-over or block RIPE. And you've noticed it does not mean
dedicated servers on which the VM is hosted ... that's changing.
Of course your VM should learn to talk to the router and then you
must configure the default route of your VM so that the VM
must be aware of the network on which it is ... It seems complex
but it is much simpler than routing packets with iptables ...

All these features are in beta (as manager). We will
add them next week, to get the possibility to switch the routing of a
MAC to another network. Basically, we will propose the MAC failover ...

Also, since this is Friday and we will prod the Citrix XenServer 5.5
in 'alpha', only to reinstall yet. It has the Hyper-V
alpha but it will be ready for next week ... like the VMWare

Thank you for your feedback.