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Free Hosting: Ruby
11-27-2009, 02:14 PM
The project "is taking shape. If you develop
Ruby and you are looking for hosting, an address to test is:

We are looking for beta testers who want to test our hosting platform
(which is currently alpha).

"" offers 2 services in 1:
- A hosting platform (alpha) to host and run your
Site developed in Ruby
- A tool for the versioning of your project under GIT

And it's free!

The goal at our level is to create a platform for free hosting
with versioning tools for any sort of frameworks (like in 1999
for PHP / MySQL). So now Ruby, Java EE tomorrow and
Python afterwards etc.

We will shortly propose WSDL functions for storage, and SQL
events in "Cloud" that will allow you to accelerate the speed of
development by simplifying access to the resources in our data centers.
This should happen later this January.

Basically, this project says "if you're a developer, on you have everything you need to make your business whole but especially for
the propose your project after your customer "SaaS" or "Cloud".

For more information on the project, a mailing list: