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OVH.BIZ: alpha open

11-27-2009, 02:12 PM
Ovh.biz is a typical "chocolate bar". This means that it
searches for the light to avoid walking into the walls ...

To find a little more light, we need your feedback.
Of course! Always! This is the base! And then after 1 month
developing in "closed alpha" with 100 alpha testers
we are moving the project "open alpha" meaning that if you
login at OVH (one nic) you can participate in tests and
you are welcome to give us a little feedback.

Currently, this project is in alpha: the chocolate is liquid.

Testing is currently taking place on the main engine (the engine) and it
look what it can do for all of you. It's "I thought this would have more " or " I like it that way. "Then
adding functions in the engine. Then it adds that it so we did too.

It is hoped that the project will go into beta in February with an
"emotional" approach (eh? whats that he says?) the project hopes to provide
for people (who want to shake hands) and also to find opposites
like system administrators and developers (who want
to be typing on a keyboard) for a project (with or without shaking hands).

2 worlds. 1 interface.

This is exactly the definition of a project being a "chocolate bar".


The mailing list:
ovh.biz @ ml.ovh.net
subscribe: ovh.biz-subscribe @ ml.ovh.net