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OUMA: alpha

11-24-2009, 04:48 PM

We have tried some type of GUI development on some "simple" subjects. Can you test OUMA (it is in Alpha).

OUMA allows the sending of SMS, Email, Fax and/or a letter through a simple and fast GUI.

The goal for us is to validate the development tools, the compatibility, the operation support and organise the development of more comprehensive projects that will offer you the following, according to our point of view...

You are limited to 5 operations per week. For example: 2 SMS, 1 fax, 1 letter and 1 email. Totally free for all customers with at least 1 service in OVH.

What is the future of OUMA ? You tell us what it is you and how you see this kind of tool. Why not relate with SugarCRM and/or Dolibarr (which are already available in hosting in a 1-click module). We are thinking of a mailing tool ... "like I have my clients to contact, how ? like for SMS, 3 click and voilia the 23198 SMS with the promo were sent. Like, I will send a FAX to all other clients instead (because I don't have their SMS number). voilia, it's done".

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All the best