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Support 2010 beta
11-23-2009, 06:08 PM

Tomorrow it will grumble ...

We can not do otherwise...

Since December 2008 (soon to be 1 year !) we have been working on the establishment of 24 hour support at OVH by telephone, email and jabber. In fact, in 2008, we put in place 3 supports in OVH: commercial, technical and incident. So far, we have completed 24 hour incident support for the price of a local call. Then we hire new employees, each month that we are able to train and we train, we train and we train. Because, our business is very specific and only after long hours of work, reading and testing can we become a true Jedi who can determine the quality of an IP packet with nothing but a traceroute. From the training, this new team made commercial and technical email support from the start of the year and we think that it is time to embark on the ultimate road: commercial and technical support by telephone.

Tomorrow during the day, so we will double our capacity for telephone support. But we know that quality is not good now and it will take many a long day for a soldier to become a warrior worthy of the name. The running.

Therefore thank you for your patience and apologies in advance for the inevitable problems. In case we risk death, you know my email I'm here to hear all the evil you think about OVH, of our support because it is only with your feedback that we can determine the way forward.

We think that the running will take approximately 3 weeks. In the meantime we will start the support incident in 12 languages. As a result we will further increase power 2x. Then only will we be able to start customising tracking of our large customers and resellers to help them in a face-to-face human relationship. We hope that it starts January/end of January, everything is in place andthe only feedback that you can give on our support is "I adore OVH support !" or "but what assistance !" or more ... we put the resources, heavey resources that are a reality ... so OVH will be top technically and commercially, or in other words, functionally and emotionally.

All the best,