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Telephony 2010

11-18-2009, 05:36 PM
Good day,

We have to give a taste of the telephone offers at OVH. The aim was to simplify and provide more passing.

Thus, OVH proposes an offer:

A SIP line + fixed unlimited package 40 countries with a double call and one number

for €0.99 ex. VAT p/m !

All use is accepted, we exclude no one !
We even accept callcentres !

You can use it with your SIP telephone or with a PABX server like the asterisk. Simple.

If you do not have a phone, you can take a phone preconfigured Plug & Phone. There is nothing to configure. Simple. You receive the phone in 24 hours, you plug in and it works. We have reduced the number of phones that we offer to those that work best.

In the unlimited 40 countries fixed package, you can take mobile hours 1H, 3H, 10H, 30H or 100H on the SIP line. At prices you will not find elsewhere. For example:

3 mobile hours = €9.00 ex. VAT p/m !
10 mobile hours = €29.00 ex. VAT p/m !!

What could be better?

Finally, you can get more options, like additional numbers, multi-double-calls (even 30 calls), etc.

In short, we think it will greatly simplify the approach telephony at OVH. Following your feedback, we will be holding discussions on resellers of telephony based on this simple offer and, we hope, effective.

Ovh is approaching 10,000 SIP production lines. At 15,000 SIP lines we will be a self-proclaimed regional operator

More information:

All the best,