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11-14-2009, 12:22 PM

This is what was prodded this week ...

Dedicated server/RPS/Housing
-New: Slackware 64 bits
-New: Gentoo 64 bits
-New: Windows SBS (fr/en)
-New: Winpe 2 for r1 32/64 install
-R&D: RPS/NFS testing mysql cluster on 2 rps, framework: LAMP: OK&KO
-R&D: Windows hosting samba rights/user mapping tests: OK
-Patch: Incorporate the IP's and clean the BGP ads

-New: Sugarcrm in 1-click module
-New: Manager v3: SQL Prive alert
-Patch: Development of server logs
-Patch: Modification of scripts on mails-outs for load balancer
-Patch: Re-balance of mutubackup2-rbx
-Patch: Re-balance the load on SQL PRO server

-Patch: Finishing MoM for telephony

- New: Redmine1 (alpha)

-Patch: Support v3

-New: ovh.biz (alpha 2)

... what is expected to be prodded next week:

Dedicated server/RPS/Housing
-New: Creation of an opensolaris mirror
-New: windows 2008r1 32/64 web + plesk 9.2.1
-New: LVM, openfiler, proxmox 1.4 + patch re-install interface for LVM
-New: ASA in NAT mode (conf, boot, rescue)
-New: MAC protection for the virtualisation
-R&D: SAN Storage test of the iscsi comstar target
-R&D: solaris fail-over system on leclerc nfs/iscsi testing
-R&D: ftpback (first 40 servers prodded and pinging, make all working)
-R&D: Tester Nexenta, Crossbow vWire and create a distribution
-Patch: Release of new RTM (future: graphs, working HD failure and backdoor detection)
-Patch: Management of good orders with extra servers
-Patch: Development of a configuration script of vlans for the ASA
-Patch: Addition of iscsi/filerz

- R&D:
- Windows on hosting
- admin server creation as a ad
- test asp server + ad + samba
- Email
- Exchange
- install exchange2010 on win2008r2 std
- Email Perso
- Cleaning and corrections of databases
- Correcting the scripts
- Finish the tests IMAP/POP +ssl with databases
- Finish the tests Webmail development
- switch IMAP/POP +ssl / Webmail on the new infra
- Mailout
- Added 5 mail-out servers on hosting
- Added mail-out servers for emails + adding of exit IP on the mails-out to free, hotmail and yahoo
- development and test of an anti-spam system on mail-out
- Modules
- dolibarr
- storage
- image filerz hosting/mail
- add300 diskss on filerz hosting
- patch party + add SSD on cluster002 (90 plan)
- move filers for adding of shelves
- development of quotas on the filers
- installation of ghostscript for converting pdf via imagemagick
- recalculation of missing logs for October/November (Marco)
- Domain
- clean alldom robot
- .se certification
- creation of mut.dns + online cart for the transfers of .tel
- new offers

- grouped MoM operations
- Telephony 2010 (Wednesday)
- news packages /post
- site
- orders
- cluster fax
- Reflections:
- Telephone to a choice in location or with support
- development of resellers for telephony

- redmine1 with the hosting of frameworks

- subsidiary sms orders (contract)
- chtix.eu online orders (gui/bert/jeremy) (Friday) - 5%
- HG 2010-10G:
- orders of new disks/xtore in the production server (bert/geg)
- personalisation of a new server (bert/geg)

- improved identification system
- adding additional testers or open beta
- clickable url in the profiles
- telephone fields (support du .tel ?) in the user page

All the best,