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11-14-2009, 10:28 AM
The delay in deliveries of the EG SSD and the MG SSD has decreased by 50%.
We only have a 100 server delay. It will be caught up in
the next few days. We think, in fact, we will receive the remainder of
the parts that were missing in the coming gew days with load
balancing of suppliers / manufacturers. So, hopefully we can finally deliver ALL
real-time from late November.

On HG 2010-10G, we were surprised by the volume of your
orders. We did not expect so many orders. It was a
little late today so we tried to catch up quickly
setting up multiple sources of supply, as said
above (instead of believing what we will tell our suppliers).
We will not repeat the same mistakes. We have many many
applications for systems 20TB, 50TB or 100TB. We are trying
for the industrialisation of these deliveries since a server
with 100TB has 100 or 200 discs ... instead of 100 or
200 servers with 1 or 2 discs ... It reflects on how
inventory management internally must be able to follow such orders
and ensure timely delivery is reasonable.

Everything else is good. We have fewer problems
bugs in shipments due to recent changes in internal tools
(see my last email). But debugged again and we still bump
distributions of new "business" mainly related to storage
Linux, Solaris and Windows. There was a lot of work because it is
sophisticated distributions, which try to offer
a simplified mode, just click click. For example, 8 HG 10 are sold
with Windows ... We will therefore try to go faster on Windows
Storage Server to make it available in 1 click.

In general, it does go fast. For example, last month we
took order of 4674 servers and we have delivered 4596 servers in 30
days. The rest or 78 servers were shipped in early November (or
are still in delivery, 43 servers). Some cons, we know
today that Ovh can not deliver more than 5,000 servers in 30
days. It must indeed follow a schedule that takes into account
timescales and funding requirements of data centers, room accommodation
UPS, generators, routers, switches, berries,
motherboard etc.. For example, the periods of increased power
level of EDF is a special contract that requires 6 months
study and 12 months of supplies with heavy work. In short, it
takes 2 years of work. And we are not talking about just money: we sign away and
we keep the smile ... If it goes faster, a moment they will be blocked
because we miss something, somewhere.

So if you have servers to be ordered in the next
weeks or months, it must be provided a bit in advance. Since
the month of September is very very tight at all levels. The crisis
has been there and none of our suppliers have anything in stock. They
must pass orders and expect that production will
set up and then wait and wait his turn to be delivered. Has
our level, we try to have the necessary internal stock but
maximum of 5000 servers to be delivered each month. We can not
do more for the moment. To deliver more than 5000 servers, we should
invest more money, thus making more profit, thus increasing
the price of servers. And it is not desired to do so. So given
our current prices, we can not provide you with more than 5,000 servers
each month. It is a balance that seems to correspond to the reality of
market. And 5000 is already a huge number of servers, but we do not know if it will
be sufficient with respect to your needs in the coming weeks or
months. In short, expect a few servers in advance. You never know.