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11-13-2009, 07:26 AM

Last year, in October 2008, we started our network via the European capitals such as Madrid, Warsaw, Vienna, Milan, Marseille and Prague. In November 2008, in addition to increases in capacity on the Paris/Roubaix, Roubaix/Brussels, Brussels/Amsterdam, we started building links Brussels/Frankfurt and Roubaix/London. All these works have been put in place around March / April 2009. But between December 2008 and August 2009, a period of 10 months, the internet globally has not increased traffic. We can see from the curve of traffic exchange point AMSIX:

Probably the effect of the crisis.

And then, in 2009, there arose many questions. Because we have done all these heavy investments in the network and in the end, may be it was not necessary ... Maybe we didn't need to ? Maybe we should manage this differently ?

Since September 2009, after 2 months, traffic is now increasing again to "normal". And then we say that luckily we have done all these investments, as the whole world benefits. The network has a great capacity of 550Gbps, (0.5Tbps !) and we send to the Internet nearly 280Gbps and this without chronic network saturation.

All is not perfect yet and the crisis has not passed. Plans are still heavy investments in 2010. Normal increases in network capacity and construction of network security. That is, if there is a failure somewhere, and there will be 1 failure somewhere, necessarily, it's like that. This is already largely true. But there are still some things to fix as secure Roubaix/Amsterdam and Roubaix/London with a London/Amsterdam link. Basically, close the loop Roubaix/London/Amsterdam/Brussels/Roubaix. Just close the loop Roubaix/Paris/Frankfurt/Brussels/Roubaix. Then add some routers here or there. With 10Gbps few here and there ...

All this in 2010, the network still works without the loss of packets and without the saturation. Thus, the promise of service to our site is held. And the fact that we have approximately 70,000 servers in our data centers is perhaps no coincidence ... The confidence that OVH generates, not only in France, is a beautiful proof that our strategy is sound and should not be doubted, but continue.

And this we will do.

All the best,

OVH ... 10 years making ping