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Re: HG 2010-10G

11-06-2009, 04:16 AM
We have much more control of the new HG 2010-10G than
expected. In 1 week, we sold all of HG from 1 months stock.
Obviously we now have 1000. All the better for the product offers.

We are making the appropriate parts that must be of
good quantity to continue deployment in 1 hour. Including
10G cards and switches.

Concerning deliveries of SSD EG, supermicro can not
follow our orders. Similarly for our large models of Kimsufi.
We changed the motherboard of the server and we are
in the process of catching up.

We have a small delay on some models of MG which should
be solved any day now.

There are no problems on other server lines.

We had (continued to) have some installation problems with
some OS specific hardware on some servers. This is
why sometimes when the server is available in 1 hour you
make the order and but you do not have it in 1 hour. This is due to an
our internal update systems and installation of new bugs that
appeared. They were fixed 1 by 1 and it takes time to find
the particular case of "why this motherboard does not boot, ah
its the BIOS version is not compatible with the new
rescue, okay so now what type of motherboard must have version
XXX BIOS minimum. "Indeed, you've seen recently Windows 2008,
Opensolaris, Solaris, ext4, and these have been supplying new need
Updates internal deep. It is a problem of transition but
bugging us all. OVH does not meet the 1 hour in 1 delivery in
20 it gives the impression that its all crap on our
site, and it taints confidence but now we bump on it. It takes
time. Currently, for example there are still 45 servers with a
bug for which a means for delivery must be found. It's nothing compared to over 5,000
servers that we delivered in October, but there can not be a denial.