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A piece of good news for servers ... or more

10-31-2009, 12:02 AM
Good evening,

Some good news: the Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmix Koala" distribution has just been announced and is already available at OVH (32 or 64bit) !

Since good news never comes alone, we propose to install it via Ext4 manager

And as two pieces of good news never come alone, the OVH kernel is incresed to in all versions (GRS/RT/IPv6/...). The new installations (not that of Ubuntu 9.10) benefit immediately from this kernel, for the older ones, you can go through the netboot kernel or install on your disk :


These kernels support the 10G network interface (totally useless for Kimsufi, SP, EG, MG, but indispensable for new HG 2010-10G ... yaaa!!).

Goodnight all!

All the best,