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HG 2010-10G

10-30-2009, 05:00 PM

The new HG 2010-10G is here! It is a little different from the Dedicated servers that you've known here at OVH. For many different reasons. We tried to combine several "good" ideas in this range to better meet your needs.

A different server you say? Yes, it's already the 1st server Roubaix Valley with the 10G network interface by default. TenGigabitEthernet. Default. Sorry sir, no less that 10Gbps ...

Most importantly, we have tried to regroup in the HG 2010-10G the best of the rental of servers and the best leasing. 2 worlds that opposed to this and trying to offer now a solution.

Indeed, when talking with our customers HG, we do not speak of a standard server, catalog, but as soon as a server or custom servers. Each server has a specific role in a cluster, each server type is different. It takes RAM for the SQL, it takes a lot of fast disks for storage, you need a server to Web BestOf must record Fast SSD for receiving emails, it takes a lot of RAM and DSS for server virtualisation that will work with Another iSCSI remote server which will have many records. In short, personalisation, role-based server in infrastructure.

And therefore, we speak often that Ovh options until there trying transcribe in monthly rent. This gave rise to server lines ... standard. And therefore not adapted to 100% of all needs. Then, it is the rental price that changes as the type of server is a source of uncertainty in the model growth of infrastructure. If I need to add a new server, I must look at what type it is, then how much it costs each month.

We tried to do otherwise and call into question "a little" of the principle of the monthly (after we see whether this new model will appeal or not, but it seems to fit quite a few Wholesale customers type HG. at all? you give us feedback).

And therefore, the cost of the server HG is the same whatever the type server. €299 Ex. VAT / month. You pay €299 VAT / month for a HG with 24GB of RAM and 48GB of RAM, with 2x1To and 8x1To, etc.. This is the "best rent": the fixed cost each month.

By cons, you've setup fee to be paid depending personalisation server. You do not pay once. It is the best of "leasing".

To simplify the approach: a HG without disks cost €299 HT / month and you pay at the beginning and then only once the RAM and hard disk you want to have in your HG.

The best of the "location": everything is guaranteed for life. The best of "leasing" you can customise during every moment of the life of your server. The best of the "location", you have all the service included with the server that is hosting, and network support. The best of "leasing" which invests in options, you pay more than the price of a HG base which allows for service Global: server, hosting, and network support.

So much for principle. 4 families of servers "to customise" are described at:


With the HG 2010-10G is starting servers "Leclerc tank" with 20 1TB hard drives. This is a server (with 8 disks) and SAS a shelf (with 12 disks). Setup Fee: 3415.30 exc Then €548 Ex. VAT / month (exc €299 per month for the HG €249 + VAT / month for the shelf). The equivalent in a manufacturer costs more 8000Euro (to purchase) then he should host it, connect to the network and deal with every day. HG 2010-10G is Extra Large positioned so a simple and extensible (max 144 discs).


Those are examples where we try to go with the HG 2010-10G.

Thank you for your feedback.