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10-31-2009, 12:48 PM

We are asked "Yes but how much for the server to the left and the server to the right ?".

the left, it is 104 disks x 1TB,it is €1793 p/m ex. VAT.
the right, it is 200 disks x 1TB, it is €3287 p/m ex. VAT.

Is this revolutionary ?

1 single digit: if you want to do it yourself, you need to rent a bay to house the server. Is a bay not expensive ? OVH ! In Paris in DC1:

- A 1/2 bay 6A costs €699 p/m ex. VAT + €300 p/m ex. VAT (+4A) = €999 p/m ex. VAT

- A 1/1 bay 10A costs €1399 p/m ex. VAT + €600 p/m ex. VAT (+10A) = €1999 p/m ex. VAT

Npw that you have the bay, you can buy the server.... then the cable ... then the installation ... the the maintenance ...

If you already have your own network (AS), the advantage of a HG Leclerc is that you can connect directly to your network (with your own IP). With EoMPLS, you can connect your network to the ChtiX and OVH carries the ethernet packets on its network (it is mainly used by France Telecom for ADSL/SDSL collection...). The server is accessed by ethernet (not the IP) on your network ... it is on your network, with your IP and nobody knows it is physically hosted at OVH ...

P.S. for the bays in DC1.

All the best,
10-30-2009, 11:22 AM

Are you a geek?

If you look at the photo attached, you can have 4 levels of response:

The 4 possible responses:

Level 1: "What is it?"
Level 2: "Oh yeah!"
Level 3: "aaaaaaaa ..." there is a hysterical cry and you paste the photo on the screen
Level 4: you print the photo and you put it on the wall of your toilet

Only level 3 is a true geek! Level 4 should consult a doctor ...


Towards 16h00/16h30, what is on the photo should be controllable on our website. In mini version for now ... and why, but 10g FCoE not on the 2nd interface to a private vlan ... It happens in Monday for subsidiaries (the time to do the translations).