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65,000 Servers ... (was Deliveries 27/09)

10-17-2009, 11:04 AM

We have caught the bulk of the delay in the shipments of servers in the SSD range (SP SSD, EG SSD, MG SSD) and at the same time we have exceeded 65,000 servers on our network (65,000 motherboards connected with 65.000 RJ45 switches, to be precise). We still have a slight delay on the SP SSD and EG SSD that is less than 120 servers (half a day of production on our assembly lines). So soon we will receive the remaining SSD parts, we catch up with the delay once and for all.

The rest of the servers were delivered in 1H (servers with options take several hours to be delivered). So OVH now deliver about 250/300 new servers every day.

In recent weeks we have had sales of HG servers with full customisation. We will move shortly to HG 2010G which will have a different business model from HG 2009: 2 fixed prices /month for the server options and installation charges which vary depending on the choices you make. You'll also be able to change your HG 2010G already in operation. The new drives, more RAM, the network also ? It is possible. With the installation fee and no change on the monthly price. We'll try to mix 2 business model and take the best of the 2: have the low cost fixed monthly, have a totally personalised server, and fully scalable throughout his life. It is the same business model as the Leclerc Tank ... and so each can become HG Tank Leclerc when he wants ... the HG 2010G, as its name indicates, will be 10G default with an option of a 2nd network (always in 10G). In short, the heavy infrastructure, for the storage of the virtualisation, totally accessible in terms of price ...

1 year ago, we signed contracts for updating the Roubaix/Frankfurt and Roubaix/ London links (10x10Gbps in each direction). Only this week, everything has been made operational up to the last planned 10G and finally connected. This has taken time because the original plan did not work (the Cisco VSS could not properly handle all of the full BGP tables Live) and we had to change our plans again and then change networks to London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, more delays, more costs, more 10G cards and more work, (not anticipated and therefore delays on other projects, including chtix.eu). There you have it. All this is finished and operational and we can finally finish the other projects.

Currently we have over 550Gbps connection capacity to the Internet and consumption is close to 300Gbps. We discussed with some operators in Europe about upgrades / new PNI such as UPC in Poland in 10G, TI in Italy, ONO in Spain.

Last week we finished the bulk of the work on IPv6. Now, our IPv6 network is in 11 European capitals and now all our peering points are in IPv6 and IPv4 (except MIX, and Espanix which are still pending). Upgrades are planned. Cisco's version of SXI which allows HSRP IPv6 (there is still some testing to do) but for now this is all we can do for IPv6. The bay switches do not support IPv6 or load balancing cards, like the firewall. IPv6 is still being developed among manufacturers and OVH does not provide it (for now, to become one and develop things that are not yet available). And so, we wonder how we can improve on IPv6. IPv6 at OVH is dependent of IPv4. Your server may work only with IPv6 and not IP version 4.

All the best,