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Windows 2008 R2 (beta)

10-13-2009, 05:06 PM

The Windows 2008 Release 2 is available at OVH. Yeah !

Available on a new server and/or you can reinstall on a server already running R2.

The versions:
- WEB Edition (max 32GB of RAM)
- DATACENTRE Edition (max 2TB of RAM).

What's new:
- everything is in 64bits
- just about the same kernel as Windows 7
- IIS 7.5 (it is better)
- DNS server included (on the WEB, there is little better, and many failed ... and yes ... I do not know who developed the R1 WEB but it should not have any fingers to avoid repeating the same crap ...).
- HyperV R2 in the DATACENTRE allowing failover of a virtual server on a "hot" physical server to another. That's very good. Microsoft moves the lines. It is rare.

The price:
- €15 ex. VAT p/m for the WEB Edition (Kimsufi/SP/EG)
- 2 x €15 ex. VAT p/m for the WEB Edition (MG/HG) (2 CPU)
- Virtual server not possible

- €75 ex. VAT p/m for the DATACENTRE Edition (Kimsufi/SP/EG)
- 2 x €75 ex. VAT p/m for the WEB Edition (MG/HG) (2 CPU)
- no license price in the DATACENTRE (ah anyway). you can start 100 VM for your customers and offer a desktop with Excel (in SaaS) remotely ... get moving ...

All the best,