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Re: Deliveries 27/09

10-10-2009, 11:12 PM

We will start deliveries of SSD servers tonight and / or tomorrow morning. 50% of the backlog will be caught up with by tomorrow
daytime. As a result the rest will be delivered late Tuesday. Then we should be able to deliver in real time all server references.

On the DSS servers: we found an inconsistency between certain software smartctl AND SSD 32nm AND "sometimes". Basically, the soft smartctl allows you to watch the disc status and any potential errors. Sometimes, smartctl cannot get this disk status and the query is timed out, causing a reset of the SATA2 hard disk.

It's a minor bug that prevents the server from operating to its fullest. Nevertheless, we advise you not to use smartctl until Intel engineers fix this minor bug.

Follow it's progress here: