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This week
10-09-2009, 09:12 PM

Going to prod this week and ...

Dedicated servers
- Split RIPE block
- Getting stockV2 started
- External traffic for the range and traffic orders
- Rescue v5 into production
- Order and manage CPANEL licences (VPS)

Domains/Shared Hosting
- Bugfix on the e-mail filters
- Monitoring of private SQL servers for customers (e-mail alerts)
- Adding of 5 filers on the mail.ha platform
- Adding of 5 filers on the shared hosting platform
- Modification of the management of shared hosting DNS for the new offers
- Patch for managing the lock problems with ezmlm

- ST2022/30 Interfaces : Display name instead of number
- Order multiple SIP lines
- Time references
- Conso fax in the manager

.... what we plan to prod next week:

Dedicated servers:
- PDF housing on the site
- Upgrade the London network to be ready for 4x10G Linx upgrade
- IPv6 peering/transit throughout Europe
- Robot to manage the base traffic on netflow
- Openssl security patchon mandriva
- Update FreeBSD to 7.3
- Robot to recover/close housing
- Firewall: Restoration of OVH configuration
- Management of good orders with extra servers
- Solaris/FreeBSD RTM BugFix and manager
- Huper-V R2

- Choice of number when ordering
- Calls to short numbers
- Establishment of new text in emails
- MoM Telephony

Domains/Shared Hosting
- Test webmail under Solaris with nfscache
- Test POP/IMAP for the iPhone/GPRS
- Test new version of nfscache on 1000gp and 60gp, returning customers and performance tests
- Restriction of port 25 on web servers to block spam
- Robot to check services not suspended (and ones that should be) and send a mail to clients before suspension (mx large for example)
- Network relocation of ftpbackup servers
- Rescue v8 for new infra ftpback
- New backup servers for shared hosting
- Test the new release of Solaris (patch, quota, etc...)
- Multi-skilled system for
- New mail-out image based on 51.mail-out
- Installation of new mails-out
- PoC module for
- Create a robot to check and correct all home directories of the mail.ha accounts in the conf files and in the SQL databases
- Test and compare the performances of the mail servers with and without nfscache
- Analysis of the performance of different webmails and search optimisations
- Systems analysis of existing mailing script and propose a solution for the other mailing offers with ezmlm

We proceed calmly.

All the best,