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If you're a player ...

10-02-2009, 11:22 AM

If you have the soul of a geek who thinks that sleeping is a waste of time, then you can continue reading this post. If not, but you are still reading this post, you maybe shocked.

Ovh likes challenges and world premieres. Therefore, we often say yes to those who come to us with totally crazy ideas and launch into something that has never existed before ... In short, OVH is a player and OVH's various ways of sponsoring are the result of different challenges that you have brought to us.

Running naked in Paris? Doing the opening on one of the 8000 in the Himalayas, even K2? Arranging LAN on a ferry? You can't do that! OH yes we can! Ovh takes you up on your challenges!

Are you a player? A real player? If yes, this event is for you:


To be modest, Ovh are only one of the sponsors. Well done for the idea and what has been achieved so far. I hope that it will be a great success (at least it looks set to be ...).

PS: If you have a crazy idea, write to ovh.com you're fellow mad men ...

Here are some examples of human challenge that Ovh accompanied lately: