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10-01-2009, 03:26 AM

A few months ago, we announced our interest in studying the possibility of a record purchase of Strato, the German host.
During the month of August it was made clear that OVH's advances were not welcome with regards to this operation. In fact, we
could not even receive the basic (quasi-public) information(s) of Strato that are needed to begin to study the purchase (with
banks etc.). We were told that we had to communicate OVH's own financial information before receiving those of Strato
(euhh ... who is selling and who is buying here?). Which is especially annoying since at the same time we had received several banks
business (interested in supporting the operation), they received this information that we presented and this information along
with their analysis as a bonus.

In short, we said that while it is not logical since, there are lots of issues, we will wait until September
to show we have not had a change of heart, it was announced in a dossier which was not an OVH dossier. Buy the other, yes, no, perhaps, we must see, but we couldn't afford to lose our own ideals.

Ovh remains the last independent hosting company in Europe and draws its growth through freedom of action that allows us to go where our competitors do not necessarily go. Thus, OVH can afford to move the goal posts, challenge markets, launch innovative products, test technologies and why not start new markets because we accept there is a risk of failure. Indeed, we understand we can not succeed without taking the risk of being wrong. And with our freedom, now we can. At the end of the day, it is the customer who is always in our thoughts for the latest innovations, for the latest ideas and as always, at affordable prices. You are the winner eventually.

That's how we interpret the fact that you have continued to trust us every day. With your orders, you, the client, support our model for development which is a 'win-win' system for us all. We are very pleased to be able to export this ethos to 11 countries across Europe and allow other customers to benefit throughout Europe with this operating principle which is, admittedly, a little different, surprising and sometimes hard to believe.

But as 1/5 of our turnover is now made through our subsidiaries, we think we're on the right track of placing ourselves throughout Europe.