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Re: Deliveries 27/09

10-01-2009, 03:32 AM
Good evening,

Just to complete this email: it "appears" that we will receive 30% of our large order of SSD from Intel. "It" says "later next week". If so, we will be able to deliver all the delayed servers and remove the current delay in the deliveries, and then deliver all servers in 1 hour by the end of next week ! Fingers crossed !

Also we understand a little better the cause of the shortage of SSD in the market: Apple uses some of the memory chips used in SSD in its products. In order to deliver its products until the end of the year without any out of stock (who will wait for an iPhone ?) the "Apple" have used Intel's large quantity of these parts, thus taking a very very large % of world production of these chips. The consequence is that Intel delivers SSDs (using those famous memory chips) with the rest of the global production and ša rame. At our level, we believe we have found a "trick" to have sufficient quantities of SSDs to the end of the year and we wait to see if it's true that this world belongs only to the large!

All the best,