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Deliveries 27/09

09-27-2009, 05:54 PM

All other references have been delivered without any problem, except ...

We always have difficulties in delivering servers with SSD (SP, EG, MG). The reason: there is no SSD disks available in quantity on the market. There is nothing. It's just normal since it makes you enjoy the latest technology innovation which is not yet commercially available in sufficient quantity. But the delay (in quantity) is not very important (This represents 1 day of production on our production lines). That said, without parts we can not do anything.

To resolve this problem, within 2-3 weeks, we spoke with Intel and we believe we have found a solution to our problem. Since Intel can not deliver to all its customers, OVH has given Intel a very important order of several thousand pieces. Then through our relationship trying to get our order before orders from the rest of the market ... it is hoped that it will be delivered in sufficient quantity within a few (ten) days. In the meantime, we will deliver SSD servers with what we sometimes find on the market, 10 or 20 here and there. So the delay (in quantity) hasn't increased in terms of the number of servers, but these will not be delivered in 1 hour.

There was some delay on Kimsufi i7 with 12 GB of RAM. This delay is in the process of being resolved. In fact, the motherboards have finally arrived in sufficient quantity.

Apart from that, there's no problems.

During these delay periods, our "Servers available" in 1 hour/72 hours system doesn't work properly. It is based on the amount of server construction "planned" to give an estimate of servers available in 1/72 hours. But when we don't have the parts ... we have already reflected on the changes in its functioning, but clearly not found the right formula between "the amount of servers you want to order" and "forecast of servers that we must put into production" during the rush periods (aka start new lines) where the market demand is not readily estimable. The current system does not give you the right information on delivery time during the rush, but it allows us to know very quickly the amount of servers to produce and therefore quickly provide the quantities of parts to order. Thus, OVH know quickly how many servers must be produced to satisfy your order and can take actions as we have done (one does not order nearly 10,000 pieces on a whim and without this order we would have no hope of having all the parts). For now, we find nothing better, but maybe at some time we will find a magic idea that will make the whole world perfect (maybe a system where you tell us your estimated order week by week so that OVH will produce quantities sufficient to satisfy orders? an idea to discuss and improve).

All the best,