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Things to note when registering a .ie domain

10-20-2010, 03:31 PM
Please remember, if you are registering your own personal name (e.g. joebloggs.ie), you must provide one document stating your name as 'Joe Bloggs' - 'Joey Bloggs' or 'Joseph Bloggs' is not acceptable.

Some of the most common acceptable documents in this case are passport, driving licence or utility bill.

Remember, the domain name must match the document EXACTLY.

Also worth noting is the following guidelines from the IEDR:

Personal names must consist of one of the following formats:-

Johnsmith.ie [first name / surname]
Johnpaulsmith.ie [first name / middlename / surname]
John-smith.ie [first name / - / surname]
John-paul-smith.ie [first name / - / middlename / - / surname]
Johnpsmith.ie [first name / middle initial / surname]
John-p-smith.ie [first name / - / middle initial / - / surname]
Jsmith.ie [first initial / surname]
Jpsmith.ie [first initial / middle initial / surname]
Jp-smith.ie [first initial / middle initial / - / surname]
J-smith.ie [first initial / - / surname]
J-p-smith.ie [first initial / - / middle initial / - / surname]
Paulsmith.ie [middlename / surname]
Paul-smith.ie [middlename / - / surname]
Psmith.ie [middle initial / surname]
P-smith.ie [middle initial / - / surname]


09-22-2009, 05:33 PM
Hello OVH community,

I would just like to point out the steps when registering a .ie domain.

Firstly, when registering a domain we will require some/all of the following:

The owner must provide proof of their name: e.g. a copy of the passport or birth certificate.

If you live in the Republic of Ireland:

* Irish Passport

* Irish driving license

* Social Security document showing your Irish PPS number

* Irish Birth Certificate

* Irish Marriage Certificate

* Irish utilities bill (e.g.: NTL, Chorus, SKY / ESB, Airtricity / Bord Gáis / Eircom / Vodafone, O2, Meteor, Three - telephone bills only).

If you live in Northern Ireland:

* British driver's license with an address in Northern Ireland

* Documentation of social security in Northern Ireland with your insurance number

* Northern Ireland birth certificate

* Northern Ireland marriage certificate

* Utility bill for Northern Ireland (e.g.: Sky , electricity or gas bill / BT / Vodafone, O2, Three - telephone bills only).

Now, as for the variations on your .ie I would like to direct your attention to the following link from the IEDR website:


Here, you can find some detailed instructions on the acceptable conditions for registration of .ie domain names.

One particular issue that has been cropping up lately occurs when a third party is registering a domain on behalf of a company.

Now, while there is no problem with this it is important to note that the Admin Contact must be from the domain holder organisation.

Again, I would like to direct your attention to the following link from the IEDR website:

(paying particular attention to point 23 with regards to third party registration of .ie domains)


If you wish to register a domain name (or names) that are not obviously related to a business name, you will need to provide a signed letter outlining in simple terms why you want to register the domain name you have chosen.

If you wish to register several domain names but you don't want to setup a LTD company you can apply to the CRO for an RBN.

Hopefully, this will clear up any queries, concerns or difficulties anyone is having when registering a .ie domain.


*** Also, I would like to point out that if you are a third party independent to the company for whom you are registering the .ie, you MUST apply for the .ie using the relevant details of your customer, NOT your own details.