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Kimsufi 2009

09-03-2009, 05:51 PM
After some questions and suggestions, here is an erratum::

Q: Is the RIPE block (4IP/.../256IP) failover? ip by ip?
A: The block is failover, block by block. i.e. you can switch a block from one server to another. You can also request to "split" a block IP by IP. In this case, you can switch IP from one server to another.

Q: Is it that after a "split" of a block to "IP by IP", I can customise the geolocation of each IP?
A: No. RIPE accepts (or denies) the request of your block and at that time, the object block is created in the RIPE whois. You can geo-localise the block. In contrast, you can not stack multiple objects in the RIPE. If OVH does it, we are asked by the RIPE to clean our records in the RIPE database.

Q: Can I bring an IP block to OVH and use it on my servers?
A: Yes. The transaction costs 49 for any number of IPs that you move at OVH. You can "split" your IP block and use it on your servers.

Q: Can I buy 30TB plus 10TB plus 2TB? Or do I have to buy 1x60TB?
A: You can order what you want, when you want and the way you want. So yes, 30 TB, 10 TB 2 TB is no problem.

Q: Is it that if I buy +30TB then +30TB and more later, I pass on an option to +60TB (i.e. 299.99 / month)
A: Whenever you buy TB and more, you pay a bill. Invoices are independent. And if you buy +30TB then +30TB, you pay the +30TB then the +30TB. If you want to pay for +60TB (cheaper), then order +60TB right away.

Q: Can I use the TB that I buy on all my servers? or they are associated with a specific server?
A: The TB is for the server. Not the infrastructure.


09-03-2009, 05:50 PM

Some quick questions / answers before we update the site with these responses:

Q: On the server i7-2T/4T/6T can we have RAID?
A: Yes. Soft-raid 0 / 1 i7-2T or Soft-Raid 0/1/5/6 on i7-4T/6T

Q: 4 Fixed IP ?
A: 1 Fixed IP + 3 IP Failover. You can move the IP of a server to another. It is included in the price of the server.

Q: Installation of IP's ( < 31) ? Installation of IP's ( > 30) ?
A: Each IP request (plus the 4 IPs that you have by default with your dedicated server), it is a RIPE request for block of IPs. It is therefore treated by our teams manually with RIPE and with you. You need to justify the IP so that your application is accepted by RIPE.
If you request more, you pay for each request.
So you should have the minimum requirements.
Possible applications and more:
4 IP 49/request accepted
8 IP 49/request accepted
16 IP 49/request accepted
32 IP 99/request accepted
64 IP 99/request accepted
128 IP 99/request accepted
256 IP 99/request accepted
512 IP 199/request accepted
more than 199/request accepted
You must be "tuning" to make the IP applications and more.

Q: Is the RIPE block (4IP/.../256IP) failover? ip by ip?
A: The block is failover, block by block i.e. you can switch a block from one server to another. But you can not switch ip for ip in a RIPE block. You can do the operations on the block only (never on an IP block).

Q: How do I get the option of managing IP Failover by IP Failover instead of a block Failover?
A: We must make several request to the block of 4 IPs. This costs more than a single block. But for example, you can ask for 2x16 IP instead of 1x32 IP (the same price). Similarly 2x256 IP instead of 1x512 IP. You have more flexibility with several smaller RIPE blocks. And it's easier to accept by RIPE.

Q: You propose 2TB = 14.90. Can we have volume discounts with more important TB ? 10TB? 30TB?
A: Here is the price range of extra TB
+2TB = 14.90 (7.45/TB)
+10TB = 69.99 (6.90/TB)
+30TB = 179.99 (5.97/TB)
+60TB = 299.99 (4.98/TB)
+90TB = 349.99 (3.88/TB)

Q: Can I buy 30TB + 10TB + 2TB? Or do I buy 1x60TB?
A: You can order what you want, when you want and the way you want. So yes, 30 TB, 10 TB 2 TB is no problem.

Q: Do I have to buy the TB in advance?
A: No, you can buy when you need it as much as you need.

Q: If I do not use the TB in the month, can I use them next month?
A: No. You need to use the TB / month that you have (or more purchased) in the month of billing for your server. If you do not have any usage, your meter goes to 0 and you have lost.



09-03-2009, 05:50 PM

Thank you all for all the feedback. There have been many different mailing lists and forums. Just over 1200-1400 comments ...

We read all your posts (yaaa ...), different languages and we talked a lot with a few dozen excellent "PowerUsers" that we have in many countries. This will permit, to a certain extent, to provide more relevant offers and correct some aspects of tenders.

The order has been completed and is operational.

Anyway thank you for your feedback. All very interesting.

So champagne this time?

All the best,


09-03-2009, 05:50 PM
On ovh.fr.serveurs-dedies oles@ovh.net has written:

Good evening,
Details of the CPU have been added. The GTI is now 2H (24 / 7).

Otherwise, as already announced, we would increase the price of the cheapest Kimsufi (10). And we have lowered the price of quad (- 10). With the cost of energy increases (5%) and the base material which is available on the market (500GB) the cost of the platform base has increased. The problem of turnover is still there, which cost us about 15-20% of kimsufi L. We had already announced that this problem has remained unresolved because it was hoped at one time or another to find a miracle solution. The result is no miracle solution. Our slice of life. Because of losing money by offering something unprofitable, it is no longer possible to keep the price 19.99. It is therefore not suited to a server market at low prices: the market no longer exists because the costs have increased. We must also see that Kimsufi is a small part of the servers that OVH offers. Very small. OVH primarily sells SP / EG / MG / HG. So given that there is a few orders each month and it is more or less the same customers that run the same types of servers, what they will do is keep their server to keep the price. Stopping turnover and everyone will be happy.

That's it. It is no more complicated than that.

09-03-2009, 05:49 PM
We have updated the range Kimsufi 2009. The goal is to get servers up to date in terms of hardware. We therefore increase the size of the disk, reviewed our rental prices to make the offers more attractive. Also, we think that there is nothing better than a good battle in the commercial market. It's always where we find innovation and the customer benefits 100%. That is why we decided to use the Kimsufi to "do better" than our competitors and hope that it will move the markets. To do better than our competitors no longer means to us "Offer less / as much for a lower price", but now means "Offering more for the same price".

PS. The command system will be linked to the site during the night or tomorrow before midnight. Deliveries will begin from Monday.

So, champagne? or not? ...

All the best