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RPS Pro-web hosting Gameplan VPS

09-03-2009, 04:07 PM

The RPS, our innovation in 2008/2009, was tortured by our customers for over 20 months This has enabled us to develop a lot of tools to administrate, manage the QoS, manage the different problems with different types of use but above all to develop storage with "thin provisioning" and therefore totally "Cloud". This type of storage we now use it at the core of Ovh

From 14 September, we will offer "managed" services (aka pro web hosting) in the PRO version of OVH. This is dedicated hosting (1 client per server) and administered by our team (the client does not have root access, OVH manages the server, the customer can manage everything via the manager). For these offers we have chosen the RPS platform for its performance, changes in computing power and storage (the "thin" concept).

At the same time, we will re-offer the "gameplan" (based on the RPS platform) that will be gelocated first in - Paris and Lille and then from October in Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam. The service will be provided "per hour" and in less than 3 minutes you'll have a game server in one of our datacentres in Europe. You will be able to keep your configuration and migrate to another RPS (a few days later) with the same or another RPS in another datacentre, for example you will be able to increase the number of your RPS Cores 1 to 4. Such as "managed". hosting you have SSH access but not root.

From 14 September we will launch VPS offers at Ovh (...!!...), there is no more room for RPS offers in the current range. The RPS platform is a fantastic tool that we can offer services with added value. Even today the RPS is a small competitor to the dedicated server and it has not been developed for those needs.

So, if you already have an RPS, you can of course keep it (and with all the services developed) as long as you renew. You can also order a new RPS up until 14 September. On 15 September, the RPS becomes pro web hosting and the gameplan and you will be able to benefit from our future VPS.