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Deliveries 28/08/2009

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

We have delivered almost 95% of orders within 1 hour. The problem with Windows has been resolved and all orders have been delivered. We are still running a little behind with MG.

Regarding Kimsufi i7-XX and EG SSD, tuesday night 1 / 09, we should have delivered all our Kimsufi i7-XX orders.
We have all the parts to complete the orders. Around Thursday / Friday 3-7/09 we should have delivered all the EG SSD orders with the new Xeon Nehalem i7, the new bomb at OVH.

In short, orders that you have made for the Kimsufi i7-XX/EG SSD will be up and running next week. For the new orders, delivery is depending on quantity. As these are new we are going according to your orders. So supplies are not in 1 hour but within 2-3 days of starting these new offerings.

As soon as the orders come in, the servers will be made. Toward the end of September we should arrive at a regular delivery of 1 hour but not before.