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Deliveries 26/08/2009

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

Here's a quick status of deliveries. We deploy everything in real time except:

- EG Max: there is a small delay on a few servers
- MG bestof / max: there is a small delay of <10 servers in total

This small delay will be caught up by tonight / tomorrow.

Everything else is delivered in real time, OHHHH YES!

Currently we have a production capacity for servers of 70/90 / day
(it's still holiday time). We will be further increasing this
production capacity to 120/150 servers per day, but we can not do more.
This rhythm is from 2000/2500 servers / month which
is already very fast. To go faster means taking risks which
we do not wish to take. the objective is to manage the turnover and
to avoid overstocking ourselves with unused servers.

And we prepare the: i7/EG/Xeon/SSD