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Deliveries 25/08/2009

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

Currently deliveries of servers are made about 80% of the speed Ovh is capable of delivering. We still have a delay equivalent to 1 day for the production of a server. So, hopefully this will be resolved quickly. However, to be honest it's going to be tough in September. The 2009 dedicated servers go fast. We are doing our best but we might have some delays especially because we have more and more customers who order large quantities of servers (20/30) and sometimes every day (5/10). The return will be next week and I do not know how long it will take.

On the other hand, we have some problems in the supply but also the reinstallation of some versions of Windows.


We are working on this problem full time to fix all images in Windows with respect to hardware and versions of BIOS. Hopefully everything will be fixed for tomorrow at noon / evening.

There is a lot to do between creating images and testing different platforms , and maybe many images according to the hardware.

External firewall:
Since Friday,Cisco ASA5505 firewall at 19 +VAT/month is available among the options we offer.

Next week we shall begin to deliver the servers i7/Xeon/SSD. It may be difficult given the quantities of servers already ordered. Not impossible, but it will
be difficult.

GS approach attracted attention (whereas we have just started it). At the moment we start with (50/100) servers / Order ... It goes fast ...

The holidays are not yet completed but go (already!) ...