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Deliveries 21/08/2009

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

We have rectified 90% of the delay in server production.

We processed certain deliveries since yesterday without any delay and we have 3-4 deliveries with a slight delay for various reasons. The situation was quite stable and it begins to roll well

We still have delays for the 500G Kimsufi due to an mass BIOS update. The automatic testing, pre-delivery detected that the BIOS is not up to date and it is in the process of being fixed. A beast of a problem. We should finish the flash tonight / tomorrow morning / Sunday max.

There is a small delay for the 750G/Q-1T Kimsufi. Production will increase by 15-20% next week and it will be resolved.

The SP: no delay. All done in 1H (in 20 minutes for certain stressed customers ).

The biggest delay is from the customization of EG. We are organising these operations to quickly deliver this type of configuration. Also, EG production will increase next week to 15%.

The MG: the bulk of the backlog has been cleared. There are 12 servers remaining to deliver. It will be done at the beginning of the week.

The HG: a small delay that is being addressed.

Also, we are starting to see important quantities of i7-XX and EG-SSD, MG-SSD servers. This allows us to stall the production for these new servers to be delivered starting from 31/08.

All the best,