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AS/BGP: Peering and transit

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
for operators who have their own AS and routers.


As already announced, we do not offer BGP any more. However we are thinking of an offer as a peering point, simple and fast to set up. When you arrive at peering point such as AMSIX or Decix you have a collector route that gives you all peers that want to announce to those who want to take the ads. We want to make such thing but in transit. You arrive and you establish a BGP session route with the collector route of each 10G that we have with Global Crossing, TATA or DTAG then you take the ads and you tell your routes. the same for peering. Also you can ask links to the Peering Points in Europe.

In terms of cost, you pay 1000 1Gbps port. Then peering point is free, you manage each peering point yourself. And transit is 8 / Mbps 95% whatever the transit you use. You can benefit from the service in the same way from Lyon, Paris, Lille or Frankfurt while choosing your transits where you want.

Does this type of offer interest you ?

Best regards,