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Deliveries 17/08/2009

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

We are beginning to take control of deliveries and the situation will be resolved in 2-3 days. The details:

- Kimsufi : there are delays, but overall today we should deliver all the late servers

- SP : we will deliver all the delays today
- EG : the backlog should be cleared tomorrow
- MG : we deliver some today and starting on Wednesday, we should not have delays
- HG : late for some, the rest in 1H

In short, if all goes well from Wednesday, all will be delivered in real time

We are working on the servers i7-XX, EG SSD which should arrive later this month. In the EG SSD it will be an Intel Xeon Nehalem i7 with turboboost
The top CPU at the moment (that provides the Rev. HG for 6 months in a configuration 16 threads ... ).

All the best,