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Deliveries 12/08/2009

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

The ordering system that was setup yesterday very late at night. And setting the final details today, especially at the level of stock. But we do not hide the fact that you are more likely to order the servers from the 2009 range than expected. It was thought we would enjoy the holiday period to adjust production, but it seems that we are low. We have many orders on the EG (8GB) range and MG (16GB) range, but also SP Storage, miniSP and SP BestOf. We can quickly fix the delay on EG and MG quantities, and we will update you very quickly. In contrast, there is no delay on the Kimsufi 2009 line.

Hmm ...

We are looking internally to fix this problem quickly.
.... Holidays ... who said the holidays? ...