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About OVH GS

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
To know more:

The offers in www.ovh-gs.com are reserved to the
professionals of the Web, the Information Technology companies
and Small and Medium Companies. The aim is to propose
services, solutions and products that you administer
so you can focus on your core business which is
not the 24/7 infrastructure management. If it falls, it's our fault.
GS customers are responsible for Customer staff, phone number and
more personalized service support.

Eventually, the site will put together the portfolio management
of domain names, personalization products that OVH offers,
management of complex infrastructures such as "Tank-Leclerc" or
clusters on Linux, Solaris or Windows.

To sum up, OVH GS is the PRO branch of OOVH.

En bref, OVH GS c'est la branche PRO d'Ovh. Those
who think OVH doesn't support certain things by terms of support,
may now move towards OVH GS that will be there to answer
to complex specifications and customisations.

It is clear that these services have a cost, but if we talk
cost we say that ovh.com that will remain the best price and the best place on
the market in terms of pure product and no OVH Global Solutions
which has the vocation of providing service and solutions.