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2009 web hosting: Step 1/2

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM


We will take 2 days (2 anouncements) to present the new shared hosting
for 2009. There are a lot of changes in the concept of hosting (for
resellers) and important evolutionary changes in term limits for
individuals and businesses. Above all the simplification tenders: there
are no more than 4 standards but totally customisable for resellers ...
The mere fact that we will now offer a 'retail' on one side and on the
other side "volume" will take us 2 days to explain what is better and
more suited to your needs. You already received ten announcements that
has revealed a few ideas about these evolutions. Now we will move onto
the heart of the matter

We plan to launch the "resellers" offers by the end of the day on the
new "GS" site (totally seperate from ovh.com). Then, by tomorrow evening
we will launch the offers for individuals and businesses on ovh.com. We
have a lot of work to do in terms of integration of (new) information
onto the sites, but also some new parts in the manager for retailers. It
will still be PRODDED today and tomorrow. Then we will finish our sites
with information from your questions and feedback.



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