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PRO 2009 Server

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
We will update the server line PRO 2009 tomorrow night on the 10 sites Ovh .*


09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
Thanks for feedbacks.

I've read some new ideas in your feedbacks.
How about this:

trafic serie
server trafic switchport
SP 5TB/mo 100Mbps
EG 10TB/mo 1Gbps
MG 15TB/mo 1Gbps

unlimited serie (low priority on transit, no limit on peering)
server trafic switchport
SP no limit 100Mbps

cost extra TB (for trafic serie)

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
Good evening,

Thank you for your feedbacks.

According to feedbacks, the idea of the new 2009 range is okey as a whole. The idea of servers with security and quality "top" of the bandwidth with TB / mo is accepted. There is still difference between TB / mo and Premium in France. As I have already explained, Premium as TB / mo. This means that the customer in France can not do more than you do in TB / mo, even though it says 200Mbps.
It's very French-like french marketing where there are plenty of offers ADSL on the market with 30Mbps and 100Mbps FTTH except that truth is 2-3Mbps. The customer is not accustomed to what it is writing. And that's why Ovh prefere refine TB / mo for
assure TB / mo for each server, independent of all other servers. On the after sales figures from January 80% of servers
were sold in "traffic series. This shows that customers in Europe know what they want (and the market in France is
different in terms of marketing).

Ovh offers a range of servers with bandwidth "unlimited" without warranty of quality servers. Of low priority (as I understand). We will try 2-3 tender offer that will go in this direction. As against to properly address this need, thank you to indicate what is
the use of server bandwidth with "unlimited"? Do I need big hard drives in these offers? a large CPU? lots of RAM?

It was also noted the need for servers with lots of RAM for the memcache.

If you have any feedback, please send them to.


09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
PS. If you have a dedicated server of the current range and you like it, then of course you keep the parameters of the server as long as you renew. It is always the same principle when the ranges change: changes are for new offers only for new orders.

Because the range of Kimsufi like 2009 now (95% of our customers, which is already huge! Thank you again for your feedback
which enabled us to adapt the range to the real demand), we can fix the range of 2009 dedicated servers PRO.

As already announced, we will not change the range of PRO servers because the servers being proposed to meet demand. Therefore we will just remove references who do not have sales volume of interest to maintain the
stock servers in 1 hour. Then to complement this range
reduced, we will add 3 references of server with SSD
prices more interesting!

Also in the subsidiaries, we will keep only Traffic series "because, according to sales, that's what pleases the more offers from being proposed. We will propose 5TB/mo SP, and EG 10TB/mo in 15TB/mo in MG. In France we stay on the Premium (200Mbps / infrastructure, with the bandwidth which decreases according to the number of servers you have in infrastructure). Between the 2 types (the Premium traffic and series), exactly the same thing in terms of bandwidth. It's just presented in a manner best suited to each market. In France, we like the principle of unlimited data plan and elsewhere in Europe we like to know exactly how it was for the price and how much it costs when you exceed the quota.

What is the principle of the range PRO 2009/2010?
On Kimsufi 2009 you have the range of servers "versatile". For the price, you have the max CPU, RAM max and max in
hard drive, with a proper bandwidth. By against, on the PRO range, we will try to replicate the success of the server
SP Storage server is not a "versatile" but a server "specialized" (here in storage, but one can imagine the server
specializes in Web, SQL, Email and VoIP). Storage SP has discs and excellent bandwidth. For against, it has a
small CPU and little RAM which allows to propose a price totally crazy. 6TB for 89/ Free installation!
Perfect for backups, for storing lots of data etc.

By then, the range PRO 2009 will consist of the current miniSP, BestOf SP, SP Storage, EG BestOf, EG AMD, EG Max BestOf MG, MG AMD and G. Max. 9 references without changing hardware. We'll just try to replace the 3ware by LSI in the range EG / MG or propose optional RAID card only. Other servers from the 2008 range will no longer be offered from the next week. If you have one in production, it is obviously maintained by our teams as long as you renew.

We will complete the range in 2009 with 3 servers SSD (1 SP, 1 EG 1 and MG) with prices totally crazy ... These 3 servers are
Specialized Web, SQL with a large CPU, lots of RAM and disk fast but low capacity compared to discs from in the range. And we'll see if these 3 servers "Lamp" will have success (or not).

We think that the PRO will change to servers all specialize in a profession which will have servers a little less expensive. And what we can offer, in addition servers "versatile" in the range Kimsufi, small infrastructure cluster "fault tolerance" with 3-4 servers for less than 99. 99 for example, you can choose to have a server "versatile" or a cluster fault tolerant (and easy to manage).

That's what we try to move the end of 2009 and 2010.

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks