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OVH Kimsufi Referral Scheme

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM

Thats an affiliate program not a reseller.
Reseller = buy never knows of OVH and buys from the reseller directly.

So this is why the setup fees now

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09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
With Kimsufi 2009, we began the referral scheme for the Kimsufi level of dedicated servers.

How does it work?
Simply recommend OVH to your friends, your customers, to anyone you want. In the order, simply enter your username, "XXXX-OVH", as the "Sponsor" and voila, you earn money.

If the person orders a i7-2T, i7-4T or i7-6T you earn 50% of the installation costs (in the form of points). You can use these points to order services in OVH. For example, you can earn the equivalent of

€50 / server!

Simply activate the points in the manager. Then you can start to recommend OVH. Do not forget that the order must show your ID "XXXXX-OVH. And that's it.

PS. If you indicate that you sponsor yourself you do not earn points. It requires that the sponsor is different from the person placing the order.

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