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The price for Windows licenses

09-03-2009, 10:54 AM
Good morning,

OVH can offer licenses for Microsoft products in the form
SaaS, that is, in location. It is "all leased"
(i.e. the contract is SPLA) to oposed to standard
solutions that you would normally buy: buy a server plus
licenses (OEM or standard). Rental, you can
take a license per user or unlimited (per processor
aliases per CPU).

In bulk. At our level, it is unclear how
you could offer it and whether you can be really interested. Therefore
we added a small comparative towards the end of the email. We think that such service may be of the interest to SSII companies that make projects for their customers. I hope you give us feedback on this.


Price/month in Sterling
Windows Server 2008
- Web Edition 15.00/CPU
- Std Edition 5.50/user
- Std Edition 220.00/CPU
- Ent Edition 9.00/user
- Ent Edition 300.00/CPU
- Datacenter 80.00/CPU

SQL Server
- Web Edition 23.00/CPU
- Workgroup 6.00/user
- Workgroup 80.00/CPU
- Standard 11.00/user
- Standard 320.00/CPU
- Entreprise 21.00/user
- Entreprise 1280.00/CPU

Terminal Services 5.00/user

- Standard 16.00/user
- Professional Plus 21.00/user

Hosted Exchange
- Basic 0.75/user
- Standard 3.00/user
- Standard Plus 5.00/user
- Enterprise 6.50/user
- Enterprise Plus 8.50/user

Small comparative (between user license and unlimited):

The case in which:
I have 10 terminal server user in a HG dedicated server:

In version "/user"
- Windows Ent 9 x 10 (10 user licences)
- Terminal Services 5 x 10 (10 user licenses)
= 140/month (+ the HG server)

In unlimited version, alias per CPU:
- Windows Ent 300 x 2 (2 CPUs)
- Terminal Services 5 x 10 (10 user licences)
650/month (+ the HG server)

therefore, trying to simplify the thought, we would
must move from the "per user" in the
"unlimited" when:

- you have an EG or less and above 40 users (for 40 users,
at 5.50/user per month, it would be 220/month).
- you have an MG and more than 80 users (440/month)
- you have an HG and above 66 users (9/month x 66 users is right below the 600/month that the Windows Ent costs for 2 CPUs)

For example, if you have 300 users in an HG, the CAL return at 2/month per user(600/month).

It's also needed to compare everything with the OEM versions:
-a Windows 2003 Server STD costs ~500
-a Windows 2003 Server ENT costs ~1950
-a CAL license costs 20/user

Therefore, the costs of OEM license with 300 users would be 7,950 to purchase the license (one off, no month per month) [1,950 + 300*20].

After how many months is this investment interesting?

7950/600 = 13 month. But if after 13 months
you want to have a new version of the software, you
are left in to purchase new licenses. Meanwhile, in
the SPLA model, you switch on to the new version and
you continue to pay as usual (and for the server,
you must often buy a new server, while in
location, you rent a new and you leave the old one).

to see and think about it.